About APDC

Our Mission

With a rich history in the area we serve, we have cultivated a mission that is community focused and service driven. 
 It is our objective to redefine selling excellence where accountability, creativity and personal development have no limits.

Our History

Al Pugh Distributing has been a Virginia family beverage distributor for over 30 years. 

We are located in the heartland of the Northern Neck, and founder, Al Pugh, was born and raised in the Northern Neck and is a 7th generation Northern Necker.  Al has been a part of the beverage industry for over 49 years, and both he and his wife, Pat, have been proud to serve the community in which they grew up and live.

To date, Al Pugh Distributing is a second generation company, with their daughter, Hillary, returning to Warsaw to work in the family business.

In addition to Al Pugh Distributing, Al and Pat operate a sister company, Copa Wine Corporation.  Copa Wine carries both wine and beer and has been in operation since 1972.   This sister company is operated by the same sales team and warehouse as Al Pugh Distributing.

Our Team

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