Where We Distribute

Where We Distribute

We distribute to the counties of Westmoreland, Richmond, Northumberland, Lancaster, Essex, and Middlesex.  If you have any questions about which distributors service your business location, please contact your ABC Agent for clarification.

Responsibility Matters

In all, since 1982, Anheuser-Busch and its family of wholesalers have invested more than $930 million dollars on a comprehensive portfolio of more than two dozen community-based programs and national advertising campaigns to promote responsible drinking and help prevent underage drinking and drunk driving.

Al Pugh Distributing Company is dedicated to working with parents, educators, law enforcement officials, local businesses, and others to implement awareness and education programs proven to be effective.

Need ID Checking Tips?

Types of ABC Licenses

Banquet License

Banquet licenses allow persons or groups to host events such as wedding receptions, tastings or fundraisers, where alcohol is served in an unlicensed location or club premise.

Retail License

Retail licenses allow the sale of alcohol at restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc.


Additional privileges may be added to retail and industry licenses. These include keg, in-state delivery, and solicitor tasting permits.

Consumer Kegs

If you wish to purchase a keg without an ABC License, here are the steps involved:

  • You will need to go to a retailer that has an off-premises keg permit privilege (for example, a grocery store).
  • You will need to present a valid ID to show that you’re age 21 years or older.
  • Then you will need to provide the required information to the retailer so that the retailer may complete the keg registration declaration and receipt.
  • The retailer will have you read and sign the declaration. The retailer is responsible for showing you how to use the keg booklet.
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