The NNK & Middle Peninsula

The Northern Neck & Middle Peninsula

The Northern Neck and Middle Peninsulas are two communities rich in the Rivah life, with strong seafood and tourism industries.  Whether it is directly working on the rivers as a fisherman or waterman, or more indirectly at one of the numerous restaurants where seafood is a menu staple, or even at one our picturesque state parks- you will quickly find that water is a way of life here.

Northern Neck

The Birthplace of our Nation...

The historic Northern Neck is the uppermost peninsula in Virginia. This peninsula is nestled below the Potomac River and above the Rappahannock River. It is made up of four counties, which include Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland.

The NNK is rich in history.  You will find numerous historic locations and monuments around the area.  George Washington’s birthplace is located in Westmoreland County, which is why this area is considered to be the birthplace of our nation.   You will also find that James Monroe, two signers of the Declaration of Independence, and even Confederate Civil War General, Robert E. Lee were born here in the area.

Middle Peninsula

A River Lover's Paradise...

The Middle Peninsula is located between the Northern Neck and the Virginia Peninsula.  This peninsula is located between the Rappahannock River and the York River, with the Chesapeake Bay located to the east. It is made up of six counties, which include Essex, Gloucester, King & Queen, King William, Mathews, and Middlesex.

Historically, this area was developed for tobacco plantations, but is now a preferred tourism spot due to its many waterways.  This especially applies to the towns of Tappahannock and Urbanna, as their locations have been thriving in recent years.  You will find the popular Rivah Fest located in the heart of Tappahannock that takes place every June, and the weekend-long Urbanna Oyster Festival that takes place every year in November.

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