Current Craft Inventory

Below you will find our current craft inventory!  Available inventory is always subject to change.

Please contact your sales rep for any questions.


Alewerks Coffehouse 4/6/12 LNNR
Alewerks Pale Ale 4/6/12 LNNR
Alewerks Protocol Porter 4/6/12 LNNR
Alewerks Superb IPA 4/6/12 LNNR
Alewerks Tavern Brown Ale 4/6/12 LNNR
Alewerks Weekend Lager 4/6/12 LNNR
Amstel Light 2/12/12 LNNR
Ardent Saison 4/6/12 CANS
Becks 2/12/12 LNNR
Bells 2 Hearted Ale 4/6/12 LNNR
Bells Bright White 4/6/12 CANS
Bells LT Hearted 4/6/12 CANS
Blue Mountain Brewery Classic Lager 4/6/12 LNNR
Blue Mountain Brewery Full Nelson 4/6/12 CANS
Blue Mountain Brewery Hopwork Orange 4/6/12 CANS
Blue Mountain Rockfish 4/6/12 LNNR
Blue Mountain Oktoberfest 4/6/12 LNNR
Blue Mountain The Range – Fall 12/12 LNNR
Blue Mountain Dark Hollow 12/750 mL
Bold Rock Hard Cider IPA 4/6/12 LNNR
Bold Rock Hard Cider Pineapple 4/6/12 LNNR
Bold Rock Hard Cider Rose’ 4/6/12 LNNR
Bold Rock Hard Cider White Cranberry 4/6/12 LNNR
Bold Rock Hard Cider VA Apple 15/12 CANS
Bold Rock Hard Cider VA Apple 4/6/12 LNNR
Bold Rock Hard Cider VA Draft 4/6/12 LNNR
Bold Rock Hard Cider Variety 12/12 LNNR
Bud Light Orange 15-25 CANS
Bud Light Orange 3/8/16 CALNR
Bud Light Orange 2/12/12 LNNR
Bud Light Orange 4/6/12 LNNR
Center of the Universe Chameleon IPA 6/4/16 CANS
Center of the Universe Pocahoptas Ale 4/6/12 Cans
Devils Backbone 16 Point IPA 4/6/12 LNNR
Devil’s Backbone 8 Point IPA 24/16 CANS
Devils Backbone 8 Point IPA 4/6/12 LNNR
Devil’s Backbone Blueberry Pie Lager 4/6/12 CANS
Devil’s Backbone Danzig 4/6/12 LNNR
Devils Backbone Daypack Variety 2/15/12 CANS
Devil’s Backbone Gold Leaf 4/6/12 LNNR
Devil’s Backbone Juicy Magic IPA 4/6/12 CANS
Devils Backbone Vienna Lager 2/12/12 LNNR
Devils Backbone Vienna Lager 4/6/12 LNNR
Devils Backbone Vienna Lager 2/15/12 CANS
Dos Equis Ambar Lager 4/6/12 LNNR
Dos Equis Especial 4/6/12 LNNR
Dos Equis Especial 2/12/12 LNNR
Elysian Contact Haze 4/6/12 CANS
Elysian Mix Pack 12/12 CANS
Elysian Space Dust 6/4/16 CANS
Ennoble Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary 6/4/12 CANS
Ennoble Tipsy Tomato Classic Bloody Mary 6/4/16 CANS
Ennoble Tipsy Tomato Spicy Bloody Mary 6/4/16 CANS
Founders All Day IPA 2/15/12 CANS
Goose Island IPA 4/6/12 LNNR
Goose Island IPA 2/15/12 Cans
Hardywood Gingerbread 6/4/16 CANS
Hardywood Great Return 4/6/12 LNNR
Hardywood Great Return 6/4/16 CANS
Hardywood Pils 4/6/12 LNNR
Hardywood Richmond Lager 4/6/12 NR
Hardywood Singel 4/6/12 LNNR
Hardywood VIPA 4/6/12 LNNR
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon 4/6/12 LNNR
Heavy Seas Peg Leg 4/6/12 LNNR
Heavy Seas Tropicannon 4/6/12 LNNR
Hoegaarden 4/6/11.2 LNNR
Lagunitas IPA 4/6/12 LNNR
Lagunitas Lil’ Sumpin’ Ale 4/6/12 LNNR
Landshark 12/12 CANS
Landshark 2/12/12 LNNR
Landshark 4/6/12 LNNR
Legend Brown Ale 4/6/12 LNNR
Legend Lager 4/6/16 CANS
Michelob Ultra Amber 2/12/12 LNNR
Michelob Light 2/12/12 LNNR
New Castle Brown Ale 12/12 LNNR
New Realm Hazy Like a Fox 4/6/12 CANS
New Realm Hoptropolis 4/6/12 CANS
New Realm Summer Variety 12/12 CANS
New Realm United Craft Lager 4/6/12 CANS
O’Connor Cloudbreak 4/6/12 LNNR
O’Connor El Guapo 2/12/12 LNNR
O’Connor El Guapo  4/6/12 LNNR
O’Connor Hip Hop Anonymous 4/6/12 CANS
O’Connor Norfolk Canyon 4/6/12 LNNR
O’Connor Perfect Set Variety 2/12/12 LNNR
Omission Pale Ale 4/6/12 LNNR
Oskar Blues Dave’s Pale Ale 4/6/12 Cans
Oskar Blues Yella Pills 4/6/12 CANS
Port City Optimal Wit 4/6/12 LNNR
Presidente 12/12 LNNR
Redbridge Gluten Free 4/6/12 LNNR
Red Stripe 2/12/11.2 LNNR
Shock Top Belgian 2/12/12 LNNR
Shock Top Belgian 4/6/12 LNNR
Shock Top Lemon 2/12/12 LNNR
Sierra Nevada Fantastic Haze 4/6/12 CANS
Sierra Nevada Hazy IPA 15/19.2 CANS
Sierra Nevada Hazy IPA 4/6/12 CANS
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 4/6/12 LNNR
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 2/12/12 CANS
Sierra Nevada Sampler 2/12/12/ LNNR
Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA 2/12/12 LNNR
Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo 12pk
Sierra Nevada Wild Little Thing IPA 4/6/12 CANS
Spaten Lager 4/6/12 LNNR
Spiked Seltzer 12/12 CANS B&V
St. Pauli Girl 2/12/12 LNNR
Starr Hill Festie 4/6/12 LNNR
Starr Hill Front Row 4/6/12 LNNR
Starr Hill Grateful Pale 4/6/12 LNNR
Starr Hill Ramble On IPA 4/6/12 LNNR
Starr Hill The Love 4/6/12 LNNR
Starr Hill Northern Lights IPA 4/6/12 LNNR
Starr Hill Festie 4/6/12 LNNR*
Starr Hill Winter Variety 12/12 LNNR
Stella Artois 18/11.2 LNNR
Stella Artois 24/14.9 CANS
Stella Artois 4/6/11.2 LNNR
Stella Artois 2/12/11.2 LNNR
Stella Artois 2/12/11.2 CANS
Stella Artois Midnight 2/12/11.2 LNNR
Stella Artois Solstice Lager 4/6/11.2 LNNR
Stella Artois Solstice Lager 2/12/11.2 LNNR
Stone Arrogant Bastard 12/22 NR
Stone Delicious IPA 4/6/12 CANS
Stone IPA 4/6/12 LNNR
Stone Ripper Ale 4/6/12 CANS
Stone Variety Pack 2/12/12 LNNR
Tecate 4/6/12 LNNR
Tradition Blood Orange Gose 6/4/16 Cans
Tradition IPA 6/4/16 CANS
Tradition Oktoberfest 6/4/16 CANS


Alewerks Chesapeake Pale Ale 1/6 Keg
Alewerks Coffeeshops 1/6 Keg
Alewerks FOF Christmas 1/6 Keg 
Alewerks Tavern Brown Ale 1/2 Keg                
Bell’s 2 Hearted Ale 1/4 Keg                
Bold Rock Virginia Apple 1/6 Keg
Bold Rock Virginia Draft 1/6 Keg
Center of the Universe Pocahoptas 1/6 Keg
Damn Mary Arm Candy Lt 1/6 Keg
Damn Mary Easy Money Amber Ale 1/6 Keg
Damn Mary Funked Cluster 1/6 Keg
Damn Mary Smack It Like Its Hot 1/6 Keg
Devils Backbone 8 Point IPA 1/6 Keg
Devils Backbone Vienna Lager 1/2 Keg
Devils Backbone Vienna Lager 1/6 Keg
Dos Equis Ambar 1/2 Keg
Hardywood Singel 1/6 Keg
Hardywood Cuvee Peach 1/6 Keg 
Landshark 1/6 Keg
Larry’s Hard Lemonade 1/6 Keg
Legend Limited 1/6 Keg                                            
New Realm Hazy Like a Fox 1/6 Keg
O’Connor El Guapo IPA 1/6 Keg
Port City Optimal Wit 1/6 Keg
Port City Porter 1/6 Keg
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 1/6 Keg
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA 1/6 Keg
Spaten Lager 50L/13.2GAL Keg
Spaten Optimator 30L/7.9GAL Keg
Starr Hill Northern Lights IPA 1/6 Keg
Starr Hill Northern Lights IPA 1/2 Keg
Stella Artois 1/6 Keg 
Tradition Red Willie 1/6 Keg

Non-Alcohol Package

NA Beer

Beck’s NA 4/6/12 LNNR
Buckler NA 4/6/12 LNNR
Busch NA 12/12 CANS
Busch NA 4/6/12 CANS
Heineken 0.0 NA 4/6/12 LNNR
O’Doul’s Amber NA 4/6/12 LNNR
St. Pauli Girl NA 4/6/12 LNNR

Energy Drinks

Hi-Ball Energy Black Cherry 3/8/16 CANS
Hi-Ball Energy Wild Berry Sparkling Water 3/8/16 CANS
Sunshine Energy Blueberry 12/12 CANS
Sunshine Energy Clementine 12/12 CANS
Sunshine Energy Ginger Berry 12/12 CANS

Juices, Teas, Sodas

Dominion Ginger Ale 4/6/12 LNNR
Tropical Fantasy Cherry Blue Lemonade 24/22.5 NR
Tropical Fantasy Fruit Punch 24/22.5 NR
Tropical Fantasy Grape 24/22.5 NR
Tides Inn Ginger Ale 4/6/12 LNNR


Babe Pinot Grigio Cans
Babe Rose’ Cans
Corbett Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5L
Corbett Canyon Chardonnay 1.5L
Corbett Canyon Chardonnay 3L
Corbett Canyon Merlot 1.5L
Corbett Canyon Pinot Grigio 1.5L
Corbett Canyon Pinot Grigio 3L
Corbett Canyon Sauvignon Blanc 1.5L
Foxhorn Chardonnay 1.5L
Foxhorn Merlot 1.5L
Foxhorn Pinot Grigio 1.5L
Foxhorn White Zinfandel 1.5L
Copa di Vino Merlot 12/187mL
Copa di Vino Moscato 12/187mL
Copa di Vino Pinot Grigio 12/187mL
Copa di Vino White Zinfandel 12/187mL
Franzia Burgandy 5L
Franzia Cabernet 5L
Franzia Chablis 5L
Franzia Chardonnay 5L
Franzia Chianti 5L
Franzia Chillable Red 5L
Franzia Crisp White 5L
Franzia Dark Red Blend 5L
Franzia Fruity Red Sangria 5L
Franzia Merlot 5L
Franzia Moscato 5L
Franzia Pinot Grigio 5L
Franzia Pinot Nior 5L
Franzia Refreshing White 5L
Franzia Rich & Buttery 5L
Franzia Sunset Blush 5L
Franzia White Zinfandel 5L
Ingleside Pinot Grigio 
Mad Dragon Passion Cranberry 24/187 mL NR

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